T H E   A R C H I T E C T S   O F   S T Y L E


Ordering Information

We accept orders in writing, by fax, mail, in person and on-line. No verbal orders are accepted.

Please ensure all required information such as number of pieces, wood type, design, width, height, rail profile, raised panel design, edge profile and number of lites required for french doors is provided to avoid any delay in order processing.

If order is sent to us electronically or information is not clear, we will fax confirmations to you for your approval. Please review it carefully for errors or omissions, and sign back your approval to us.

We cannot accept cancellation once order is in production, and sizes & other changes will be done at customer's cost.

Please click here to download the Atlantic Doors Order Form.

For doors of 48 inches or higher, and 24 inches or wider, please specify single or double panel.

We use 2 1/4 inches stiles and rails for standard traditional and shaker designs. Drawer front rails sizes  are 1 1/2  inches to 2 1/4  inches (depending on drawer height).

Genova Door stile and rail size is 3 1/4 inches. Genova Drawer Front rail sizes  are 2  inches to 3 1/4  inches (depending on drawer height).

Mitre Door stile and rail size is 3 inches to 3 1/4 inches (depending on the style). Mitre Drawer Front rail size is 2 inches

Please click here see drawer design page for minimum  door and drawer sizes in each style.


Lead Time & Delivery

Normal custom orders require 10 working days for completion in production time. More than 10 working days are needed for mitre doors and other special orders.

Please note that one additional day for order processing and one day for shipping may be required.

For orders less than 25 pieces, the shipping charges may be added to the invoice for delivery.

Please report any shipping damage occurred during shipment immediately upon receiving order to your contact at Atlantic doors. We will remake all damage item(s) without any delay.

Our Business starts with our customers' needs and finishes with their satisfaction